Based in London since 2006, The Noble Sage Art Collection is the longtime passion of Jana Manuelpillai, Director, art collector and dealer and an expert source for Sri Lankan art in London. 
The Noble Sage spotlights the best Sri Lankan, Indian and Pakistani modern and contemporary art for a clientele with an eye for beauty and a mind for intellectual inspiration. 
With more than 500 paintings and drawings by 35 talented artists, The Noble Sage prides itself in bringing the best of South Asian art to the capital. 


Each week the Sri Lanka Bespoke Team are sharing our family recipes and this week we are sharing our favourite sambol recipes. 

Rice and curry is Sri Lanka’s national dish and an essential part of any curry banquet is a range of sambols 

This week are are sharing 3 of our favourite sambol recipes: Pol Sambol, Lunu Miris and  Wing Bean Sambol. 

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