Wellness Retreats

Think breath-taking mountain vistas, carpeted lush jungles and golden beaches. If you’re looking for luxury specialist retreats, then Sri Lanka is the perfect place. 


Whether it’s yoga, meditation, nutrition, rest and relaxation, Sri Lanka has it all. With award winning luxury retreats that offer the perfect settings for yoga, wellness and detox holidays, as well as specialist Ayurvedic treatments,

Rejuvenate in magnificent mountains, the jungle heartlands or with ocean view settings, Sri Lanka has something to offer everyone, whether you’re looking for a group retreat, a couples wellness holiday or a New Year detox.

Expect luxury retreats, with excellent food, spa treatments, all in impossibly beautiful settings as close to nature as is humanly possible. Embark on a luxury wellness journey and discover the restorative properties of this magical island and leave nourished and glowing inside and out. 




All wellness packages are completely personalised and based upon a body composition, current lifestyle, stress, fitness, emotional state and future goals.

If you choose a wellness package, you will have an initial consultation with the Resident Doctor during which your equilibriums and the imbalances of your three doshas will be identified. A treatment programme is designed based upon food concepts combined with Ayurvedic and spa treatments, yoga and meditation.

One of the resident doctors says that it is possible to treat all addictions with their addiction programme and their fat burning approach has seen clients lose up 10kg in just 6 days.


Programmes based around body types with follow-up advice to support you even after you leave.

With focus on an intelligent concept of eating that centres around the rasa haya or six tastes concept. This means that meals throughout the day are customised to balance out the six main tastes (such as sweet, salty etc.) and are designed to avoid food cravings. Guests on bespoke wellness packages will have their meals further customized based on their body type and the nature of their wellness package.

srilanka wellness cuisine


Equilibriums and imbalances are incorporated into personalised programmes.

Educate your mind so that you leave with healthy habits and practices which allow you to sustain greater mental, spiritual and physical well-being for years to come.


Sri Lanka has the best spa in the world as voted by Tatler.

Whether you choose to incorporate your wellness experience as part of a Sri Lankan holiday or not, we will organise everything for you. If it is a helicopter
transfer straight to the retreat in the hills, or if you prefer an incredibly scenic journey by road, we take care of all the details around booking,
transport and all experiences. Your Sri Lankan retreat is incredibly important to us, so we take every care to ensure that it’s effortless for you.

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