Inside Track

There are a wealth of experiences that enrich every journey.

Sri Lanka’s seduction is its incredible diversity. This small island punches well above its weight for its size. There are well trodden paths that are unmissable and essential to any Sri Lankan experience and we include these, but we go further….

We go over and above to enrich your holiday with curated insider experiences. An opportunity for you and your loved ones to experience the island in a more intimate and personal way, through rare experiences not offered anywhere else. 

Our unrivalled knowledge, first-hand insights and relationships across the island mean that we can handcraft incredibly personalised experiences. If you have a special interest or connection, let us create a lifelong memorable experience around you. 

GET ON The inside track – some highlights


What better way is there to start your journey with a good health blessing.

Take part in this Good Health ritual and be prepared to be uplifted. A long-standing tradition in Sri Lanka where blessings are sought at a poignant milestone. Involving specially prepared food by ladies outside of the family in the community, who starts cooking in the early hours whilst everyone sleeps.

It’s important that the food remains untasted until the ritual. Seven mothers (who have previously breastfed) from the neighbourhood arrive at waking to perform the ceremony. Rituals and preparations take place before and during and clients can choose to either observe, participate and or receive the blessings for themselves and their loved ones.

Meet The Locals

Get in the moment with Sri Lankan Villagers

Visiting traditional village community and cooking a meal with a villager in their home is a humbling experience. Language may not always understood but the welcoming nature of Sri Lankan’s is a language that doesn’t need words. Enjoy cooking in kitchens far from western amenities. Start with picking ingredients from the villager’s garden, separating rice from the paddy using the traditional pounding methods to then cooking and enjoying delicious food in a village mud house.

Seeing inside a traditional village mud house is a curious delight and even more so is to observe a mud house during construction. The houses are built using methods that use natural mixtures for the walls and floors. These are finished with roofs of rice straws that make for an incredibly cooling home.

Schools Out

Take part in a music lesson or cricket game.

How wonderful for children to see inside a school so different from their own. Expect open air buildings with treasured provisions and eager students. Education is highly prized in Sri Lanka and standards are high with over 90% national literacy levels. Students are immaculately dressed in pristine white uniforms and its simply joyous to see the smiling school children when school’s out at 1pm.

We can organise for children to visit a local school and take part in a music lesson. This would be as much as a treat for the visitor as the receiving school children who are thrilled to welcome visitors. If music doesn’t appeal, children can take part in a school inter-match cricket game or a local game. Whilst volley ball is the national sport, cricket is the national obsession in Sri Lanka and everyone of all ages knows how to play!

Gem Island

Sri Lanka’s most well-known sapphire is Princess Diana’s 12-carat blue sapphire engagement ring.

From way back in time of the first western explorers, including Marco Polo, Sri
Lanka has been renowned for its precious minerals and gems. The island itself is often referred to as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and Sapphires in particular are Sri Lanka’s speciality. Two thirds of all natural sapphires are mined in Sri Lanka. Probably the most well-known Sri Lankan sapphire is the 12-carat oval sapphire that was Princess Diana’s engagement ring. The sapphire is the signature Royal Blue of Sri Lanka.

If you are interested in purchasing or a bespoke piece of jewellery for a loved one or simply a treat for yourself, Sri Lanka Bespoke can arrange for you to visit reputable jewellers or if more convenient to visit you at your hotel.

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