Where else in the world can you visit a 300BC monument in the morning and take a safari in the afternoon.


If stunning beaches are high on your list and you’re dreaming of romantic indulgence on an idyllic island then Sri Lanka will not disappoint. We have a number of luxury boutique hotels where exclusivity, first class service and privacy combine golden beaches, unique spas and a snorkeler’s paradise.

Or simply dine at luxurious restaurants or on your own private terrace, enjoy spa treatments with spellbinding views of the ocean or jet-ski through the azure waters.


Tuck yourself away in lush acres of paddy fields and lose yourself to the enchanting wonders of nature. Celebrate your new beginnings in breath-taking surroundings. We have a wonderful selection of intimate retreats and magical escapes complete with plunge pools, personal butlers and captivating experiences.

Plunge in private pools and sip cocktails on private terraces that proffer stunning views. Dine by candlelight on the beach listening to waves for an utterly romantic experience.


Discover this little known slice of paradise with a luxury private flight. Soak up the island’s most spectacular views over Sigirya the Lion Rock Fortress. Spot leopards and elephants in Yala National Park and the lush, stunning scenery of the tea plantations below.

Or a train ride through the hill country will leave you breathless. A tailored journey be it by train, plane or automobile will take you through the most picturesque locations in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka is home to the biggest concentration of leopards in the world. Spot these along with sloth bears and buffalo with your highly qualified game rangers in one of Sri Lanka’s magnificent National Parks. The rangers unrivalled knowledge means that not only your game drive but also your stay at the luxury tented camps will be nothing short of captivating.

Follow this with spectacular views of aqua marine bays at an exclusive luxury hotel. Laze by infinity pools while the children splash. Embark on a family whale safari in the azure ocean or take a moment to indulge in the delicious cuisine for an unforgettable family experience.


Fly over the central highlands of Sri Lanka and you will be rewarded by mesmerizingly beautiful vistas.A luxury private flight will afford the family with a birds-eye view of mist shrouded mountains, rolling emerald tea plantations and verdant jungles. Pick your way through cascading waterfalls in Ella the highest village in Sri Lanka and then board the most beautiful train ride in the world.

The journey between Ella and Kandy is nothing short of mind-blowing. A family visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kandy where the manicured lawns, multihued flower beds and shady winding pathways are a must. Enjoy the warm hospitality at some of Kandy’s wonderful family friendly luxury boutiques overlooking mountains while the children play in the pool.

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Experience the fascinating ancient cities in the Cultural Triangle.
Get lost in atmospheric caves and climb Sigirya the magnificent ‘Lion Rock”. A fortress rising over 200m and one of the island’s most awe-inspiring archaeological sites. From cultural wonder turn up the adrenalin dial and discover some of Sri Lanka’s spectacular scenery by white water rafting down a majestic river through verdant jungles.

In the west of the hill country is the scenic village of Kitulgala where the landscape is particularly dramatic with vertiginous forest clad cliffs plummeting down to the wild waters of the Kelani river. From on the water to underwater, dive and snorkel in the southern aquamarine coastline waters. Home to a magical variety of tropical fish and coral reefs – a totally different world full of astounding colour and life.


Relive some of the seminal episodes of this island’s history at the Cultural Triangle. A UNESCO designated area that contains six of the seven of island’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This area links the ancient capitals and provides an inspiring glimpse into the island’s rich history. Then follow the trail for the 400 carat Blue Sapphire which adorns the British Crown.

Famous for its sapphires, rubies and a variety of gems. A visit to Sri Lanka’s gem capital Ratnapura will provide a fascinating glimpse into the mining process along with an array of jewellery ideas. Head south to visit historic colonial buildings in Galle Forts where history spans more than 400 years. Former colonial villas are set within the stunning ramparts of the old town. Visit the Governor’s house or relax under the shade of an ambalama (rest Pavilion) or enjoy Ayurvedic Massages at one Galle’s iconic luxury hotels.


Experience an authentic jungle encounter at the Sinharaja Forest Reserve a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The last extensive stretch of virgin rainforest on the island, Sinharaja is a global biodiversity hotspot, mysterious and teeming with life. Or immerse yourself in something truly unique at Gal Oya National Park – one of the best preserved parks, with its abundant wildlife and aquatic life on the lake.

The only place where you can take a boat safari and bask in the sights of magnificent elephants swimming in the lake. Contrast this with one of the islands many festivals such as the Kandy Esala Perahera. A 10 day spectacularly colourful festival in late July to early August with a magical passing-by of drummers, whirling fire dancers, and robed elephants.


Savour the delights of the emerald carpeted tea plantations with a train ride through the tea region. Snake your way through tea plantations, pine forests and plunging ravines – regarded as one of the finest railway journeys in the world. Stunning views are among the most iconic vistas of the hill country. Visit one of the tea factories to see where some of world’s finest teas are plucked, dried, crushed and fermented.

Stay in a luxury converted colonial era tea planter’s bungalow in the heart of the tea country, that offer breathtaking panoramas of mountains and lush fields. With their unique and exquisite ambience, sipping tea on the verandah will feel both brilliantly familiar and exotically different.

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