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We are a luxury boutique specialising in bespoke travel to Sri Lanka offering something a little more special.


25 Holidays to the tropical island

“Contact Sri Lanka Bespoke instead, run by a team of UK-based Sri Lankans who can handle any special interest breaks.”


25 Holidays to Sri Lanka


Exploring Sri Lanka

“We were very lucky to have chosen (Sri Lanka) Bespoke..A London based travel company that organizes trips exclusively for Sri Lanka. However, it is so lovingly put together that you immediately notice that the owner is from Sri Lanka and she will do everything she can to make her guests fall in love with her country. She certainly succeeded with us”

Exploring Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka Bounces Back

“There’s a reason that Althea Bunce knows almost every inch of Sri Lanka from the hills of Kandy to its coast. As a child, she was taken there on holiday every year by her Sri Lankan father.”


Sri Lanka Bounces Back


Why you need to visit Sri Lanka

“A trip to Sri Lanka is an immersion in tropical wilderness, unrivalled wildlife, warm weather, all in wide screen technicolour with hospitality that feels like a huge hug.”


insider's view


The 20 best wild places to stay around the world

“Sri Lanka is littered with little properties for exploring nature, from jungle and beaches to green hills blanketed in tea plantations. The refurbished Lavender House is in Pussellawa — misty tea country.”



 January 2023

Cooking Class in a Jaffna kitchen, sri lanka

“One of the best ways of learning how to make delicious local dishes is by watching two generations of a Sri Lankan family cooking in their kitchen.”


 September 2022

What everyone needs to do, see and eat on a trip to sri lanka

“We are sitting in a private walled patio of Colombo’s Lake Lodge hotel, surrounded by elegant statues, sophisticated artworks and huge exotic plants I wish I knew the names of.”

culture, heritage & more

 September 2022

Tasteful Tours

“Crab curries on the west coast, pittu and dosai in the Tamil north, egg hopppers in the hill country and a good cuppa in the tea plantations”.

Eat by the mile


 March 2022

the 15 best foodie breaks around the world

“You’re all but guaranteed amazing food wherever you are in Sri Lanka (hello, egg hoppers). But what’s interesting is seeing how it varies between each region”.

eat your way around sri lanka
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 January 2022

sri lanka at its most glorious

“Its beaches, temples and tea country are calling — go now and you’ll have them to yourself.”

Gemstones, temples and tea

 January 2022

culinary insider experiences with sri lanka bespoke

“Sri Lanka Bespoke is passionate about creating authentic, handcrafted insider experiences and they are launching Food Mapping Journeys where guests will be taken on culinary journeys around the island.”

Food mapping journeys

 January 2022

big adventure holidays for 2022

“Savour crab specialities, Tamil vegetarian cuisine, hill-country hoppers, chutneys, sambals and more on a culinary journey around Sri Lanka, understanding how history and home-grown produce have shaped the island’s many different dishes.”

Taste your way around sri lanka

October 2021

Top 5 eco resorts from sri lanka bespoke

“Sri Lanka Bespoke carefully handpick hotels and only recommend those that they love – they have no commitment to any one hotel which allows them to truly tailor stays according to taste and needs. Here we showcase a handful of hotels, resorts and lodges across Sri Lanka that are working hard to limit their physical and environmental impact, support local communities, safeguard animal and protect nature, all whilst offering a truly memorable and luxurious stay”. See the article online at Your London Wedding Magazine and An Essex Wedding Magazine
Find your Eco resort

 May 2021

shared experiences

“With everyone itching to get back out to explore the world, Sri Lanka Bespoke are hard at work creating authentic, handcrafted insider experiences for those looking to visit the country”.
Authentic insider experiences

May 2021

10 unmissable experiences for your dream sri lanka trip

“Now is the time to make your dream future travel plans. And when it comes to said plans, we are not going to do things by halves: we’re thinking bespoke luxury, long-haul destinations and one-of-a-kind experiences. When we travel next, we’re going to make it boutique and bucket list-worthy. Which is why Sri Lanka Bespoke might just be the answer to all our prayers”.
Dream Travel

May 2021

45 years: sapphire

“Sri Lanka has produced some outstanding sapphires. An eight-night tour of the country, including a stop in its jewel capital Ratnapura to see how the stones are made into jeweller”
outstanding sapphires

November 2019

look beyond the ordinary – 6 seriously special reasons to visit

“Travel in widescreen wilderness. TRAVEL IN WIDESCREEN WILDERNESS Soar by helicopter over jungle covered hills, board the most beautiful train ride, whale watch from above in a seaplane, take technicolour road trips with dramatic pit stops and just so much m
outstanding sapphires

sri lanka boutique hotels

What to see in Sri Lanka