About us


We are a team with first-hand expertise and unrivalled knowledge. All of Sri Lankan heritage we have Sri Lanka in our hearts and souls.


With over two decades of experience in travel in and around Sri Lanka – we know Sri Lanka. We travel the length and breadth of the island and pretty much know every inch when it comes to luxury stays and what to do. We specialise in insider experiences – an opportunity for you and your loved ones to experience the island in a more intimate and personal way, through rare experiences not offered anywhere else. 

We won’t recommend anything until we have seen or experienced it ourselves. All the hotels that we recommend and every transportation mode has passed our standards and scrutiny test. We are there at every stage of your journey and are committed to delivering an incredible service from the first moment that you contact us.

We understand luxury and style and are dedicated to designing an itinerary that perfectly suits you, your needs and tastes. We are very excited and proud to share this wonderful island with you and want you to experience its incredible diversity and authenticity. Quite simply, we want you love Sri Lanka like we do.

Althea Bunce
Jade D’Cruz
Shan Blair
Gihan Boruwala