Thrills & Adventure

Sri Lanka’s climate makes this island the perfect year-round destination for activity and adventure.

There are a wealth of activities and adventures in Sri Lanka from white water rafting, trekking, hot air ballooning to kayaking, camping and surfing. All of which are set against a backdrop of lush jungles and spectacular scenery.


water rafting through tropical rainforests.


Blow your mind by white water rafting through tropical rainforests.

Down a majestic river that plunges down fast rapids only then float to into the serenity of peaceful waters. For the more experienced, black water rafting at night after a full moon will be nothing less than exhilarating.


Exploring the hill country, dry zone and rural roads

by mountain bike offers something for everyone. Riding the ancient trade routes and paths through tea lush tea plantations, jungles and along coastline is nothing short of spectacular.

Exploring the hill country, dry zone and rural roads by mountain bike
Sri lanka is a mecca for scuba divers


The underwater world is a kaleidoscopic array of fish and coral.

The wide coral reef surrounding the island is home to a treasure trove of electric blues, incandescent purples, radiant yellows and a variety of magical fish. Diving or snorkelling will reward you with glimpses of a totally different world, full of astounding colour and life.

Hot Air Balloon

Roam the skies of Sri Lanka and experience the true magic of the beautiful landscapes of Sri Lanka.

An unforgettable experience, drift over treetops, wildlife, cultural sites and landmarks such as Sigiriya Rock. Sunrise rides enhance the experiences and accompanying sights and sounds make for a magical dawn experience.


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