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Majestic elephants, sloth bear, sleek leopards and much more on land with a kaleidoscopic array that is the underwater world.

Sri Lanka’s wildlife is a true marvel, offering a remarkable diversity that defies its compact size. It is the only country where you can witness the grandeur of both the largest land mammal, the Elephant, and the magnificent Blue Whale in its seas.

Dubbed the “big five” of Sri Lanka, the captivating wildlife includes the graceful Blue Whales, mighty Sperm Whales, elusive Sri Lankan leopards, majestic Asian Elephants, and the endearing Sloth Bears. Alongside this, Sri Lanka boasts an incredible species density and is home to 34 endemic bird species, showcasing its remarkable level of endemism.

Prepare to be enthralled by the sight of elusive leopards, the awe-inspiring presence of elephants, the shaggy charm of sloth bears, and the power of crocodiles. The island’s vast array of scaled amphibians and a diverse avian population, including storm petrels, flamingos, and pelicans, create a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise. Sri Lanka offers an abundance of opportunities for year-round wildlife experiences that will leave you in awe.


Encountering the elephant gathering at Minneriya Lake is like no other experience


Encountering the elephant gathering at Minneriya Lake is like no other experience.

By the end of the dry season most water sources have long disappeared. However, the lake at Minneriya retains water and attracts elephants from near and far. More than 300 of these gentle giants can congregate here every year and it is the largest Asian Elephant gathering known to exist on the planet. To see so many together with their babies, playing, eating, swimming is nothing short of breath-taking.


Look above the water line for the many species of whales from humpbacks to sperm whales including the largest animal on earth, the Blue Whale.

Sri Lanka is one of the best places in the world for whale and dolphin watching on South and North-West coasts. Super pods of whales and scores of dolphins cut through the brilliant blue sea, leaping and frolicking and even allowing some lucky onlookers to swim alongside with them.

Safari in Yala’s National Park is a wild and unspoilt area


Sri Lanka has the highest density of leopards in the world. A safari into Yala’s National Park – Sri Lanka’s second largest park will reward its visitor with a chance to spy the iconic leopard. 

Experienced trackers will advise that the early hours are the best times to see the many wonders that the park has to offer. Setting off into Yala as the sun rises is an epic experience and gives the best chance of spotting the elusive leopard and the impressive array of wildlife that inhabits this arid zone. The sights and sounds of the park will leave you awestruck and wanting to return again and again.

Sloth Bear During Palu

Both Yala & Wilpattu National Parks are good places to see the Sloth Bear, especially during Palu fruit season in June and July.

The Sloth Bear has an elongated snout with no front teeth. Its mouth is effectively a vacuum cleaner and means that the bear can suck in termites very easily then using its powerful claws to ravage the termite homes. ⠀

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