People & Food

The people of Sri Lanka are as beautiful as the country itself.

Sri Lankan’s are renowned for their immediate warmth and welcome. Expect to be touched by the genuine hospitality. Sri Lanka is quickly gaining serious food credentials and has become a haven for food lovers. Its diverse curries and divine classics are simply outstanding. Indulge in the island’s signature dishes such Sri Lankan crab curry or a roadside stop for the little pots of buffalo curd with natural treacle from the Kithul tree.


sri lanka religion


The country is one of few countries in the world where you will find a Buddhist temple, alongside a Christian church, a Hindu temple and a Muslim Mosque.

The Sri Lankans are deeply respectful of each others religions. It is heart-warming to see the different religions living peacefully alongside each other.

Food Mapping

Take a culinary journey across the island to taste the rich ethnic specialities.

Sri Lanka’s cuisine is blessed with a diverse array of influences that very much reflects the geographical and rich ethnic differences of the island. Find crab curries on the central west coast, pittu and dosai in the Tamil north, fried rice and sambols in the ancient kingdoms, egg hoppers in the hill country and clay pot fish curries in the south.

Sri Lanka Bespoke designs culinary experiences that can form part of your holiday or just simply be your holiday. The gastronomic journey will take you across the regions and give you an incredible insight into the daily parade of curries and aromatic chutneys and tangy sambals.

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Sri Lankan festivals


Sri Lanka’s ancient civilisations bestows the island with a myriad of colourful festivals.

Hardly a month goes by without a unique celebration rooted in the island’s long traditions attributed to its multi-ethnic population and diverse collection of recognised religions.

Many of the holidays are celebrated over many days. Expect hugely colourful celebrations, drummers, dancers and feasts and mesmerising traditions. It is a wonderful opportunity to soak up Sri Lanka’s deep cultural traditions along with vibrant costumes and decorations, wonderful cuisine and captivating processions.

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