Underestimated and in many ways undiscovered…

the wider world remains largely unenlightened as to the true extent of Sri
Lanka’s beguiling charm. The island has endured some dark chapters but since the end of the civil war in 2009 the veil has lifted to reveal one of the world’s most captivating and beautiful countries.

For such a small island, Sri Lanka offers incredible diversity and seems to be unfairly blessed with breath- taking landscapes, ancient cities and impossibly scenic train rides.

Its rainforests and wilderness areas are so unique and considered to be of such global importance that this small island is home to an astonishing eight Unesco World Heritage Sites. Not overlooking the sheer abundance of wildlife, Sri Lanka has the highest density of leopards in the whole of Asia. Leopards, majestic elephants, sloth bears and a dizzying assortment of scaled amphibians, with whales and dolphins breaching the water line, the ecological stage is a crowded one.

Where else in the world can you visit a 3000 year old ancient city in the morning and take a safari in the afternoon, only to experience up to 300 elephants emerging at the end of the dry season.

Outside of its commercial capital Colombo, Sri Lanka has shied away from the large chain hotels and what has emerged is a selection of deeply luxurious and unique boutique hotels that boast stunning locations and striking designs.

A stay in a luxuriously converted tea planter bungalow in the enchanting hill country offers infinity pools overlooking lush terraced hills, blanketed in emerald fields of green tea interrupted only by splashes of colour from local Tamil women’s saris.

A wildlife stay is nothing short of immersive. In stunning boutiques nestled in the wild, adjacent to National wildlife parks, it’s not unusual to wake up to elephants crashing around in the hotel’s lily pond.

Sri Lanka’s most remarkable feature is that it quite simply has something for everyone. With a unique combination of wildlife, scenery, ancient history, wonderfully welcoming people and delicious cuisine, this small island holds a wealth of experiences like no other.

At Sri Lanka Bespoke we are all of Sri Lankan heritage with utterly unique access and insights to Sri Lanka, its culture and traditions. With our first hand expertise and unrivalled knowledge, we organise everything from the time you arrive to the time you leave. We inspect and scrutinise everything we recommend and with excellent relationships across the island, we create genuinely tailored holidays around our clients and their families, delivering an incredibly personalised service every step of the way.

Whether it’s a private seaplane journey over Sri Lankan jungles or a child taking part in a sports or music lesson in a local school, or visiting the Sri Lankan indigenous people, we work very hard to ensure that your holiday is a life-time experience.

Althea Rajaratnam- Founder