Ayubowan! (Wish you a long life),

Welcome to The Pearl, a personal note on Sri Lanka’s natural and cultural splendour. The Pearl was conceptualised to serve as a treasure chest for the discerning tourist, keen to discover what curiosities and comforts this Indian Ocean geography has to offer. However, in this inaugural message, I’d like to say that The Pearl is much more than just this…

The Pearl is also a celebration of an emerging spirit in our country; one that would be best summarised as a feeling of genuine hope and confidence, across the whole spectrum of human endeavour. The cities are clean and beautiful, the road network is expanding by leaps and bounds, agriculture, industry and technology sectors are booming, lifestyles are improving, the construction of both commercial and personal dwellings is on the rise and the country’s economy as a whole seems to be forging ahead.

The tourism sector in particular has come under the spotlight for development and the variety of services on offer to fulfil the needs of discerning tourists is staggering. Fast Internet, extensive mobile-phone coverage, super luxury accommodation, yachts, spas, guided-tours and unbounded natural beauty are commonplace.

Hiker, biker, jogger or birder,
Surfer, sailor, pilgrim or climber.

You are more than likely to find your corner of bliss in Sri Lanka. It is that diverse…the most diversified country I would say in Asia when it’s come to Culture, Nature and Adventure.

We have had our share of troubles, which now lies well and truly in the past. Occasionally, we find marginal forces attempting to disrupt the harmony that exists within the complex sociocultural fabric of our island nation. These rare incidents are orchestrated to stir up ideological differences that are truly irrelevant in today’s world, perhaps with ulterior political or geopolitical motives. Suffice to say that Sri Lankans by and large have gotten used to ignoring fancy, dangerous ideology in favour of a more pragmatic approach to life. We are resilient and this is good news for our visitors.

Enhancement of public utilities and expansion in tourism is wonderful, so long as we realise that we are creatures of our environment and that our fragile existence depends entirely on how we treat our natural surroundings. The clean air we breathe and the ample water supply that we continue to enjoy is a direct consequence of the biodiverse environment that is Sri Lanka. So, whether we are tourists or citizen, we have every reason to protect our natural habitat.

This is my attempt to tell you a story – the unfolding story of Sri Lanka’s natural and cultural heritage.

Yours Sincerely,