As we slowly start to reawaken around the globe we find ourselves in a brave new world. There’s no denying that travelling the world has become more complex.

Expert help, human touch and importantly trust will be the new currency for making your travels as smooth as possible. We are here, whenever you’re ready to explore Sri Lanka as future holiday destination. 


99.9% COVID

Our team have  discovered this reusable anti-viral 5log face mask kills 99.9% of Covid-19.

Swiss hygiene company Livinguard has partnered with 5log to produce face masks that kill Covid-19, not only protecting wearers but people in close proximity, making them ideal for planes and. other forms of public transport.

Our team have used it and it’s very comfortable too. Sri Lanka Bespoke customers receive a 10% refund when purchasing from Tuff Shop.
Please quote code SLBESPOKE10.