Spectacular landscapes with unparalleled views

Seductive beaches & tropical rainforests

Sheer diversity of wildlife is breathtaking

Sri Lanka is Nature’s Masterpiece

One of the most intriguing, complex & beautiful countries

This is what we do

We are a luxury travel boutique specialising in bespoke holidays to Sri Lanka offering something a little more special.

We are owned and managed by Sri Lankan’s which means that we have utterly unique access and insight into Sri Lanka, its culture, traditions and experiences. We look beyond the ordinary to create luxury, bespoke and  authentic experiences that are hand-crafted around you and your loved ones.

We place great emphasis on the personal touch and getting to know you because we understand that everyone is individual. We pride ourselves on a thoughtful and tailored service and go above and beyond to enrich your Sri Lankan journey with curated insider experiences that create unforgettable memories.

We start with a blank sheet with every client and our heritage, access and relationships mean that anything is possible.

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Keerimalai Jaffna
Renowned for its freshwater spring, Keerimalai is a natural phenomenon believed to have powerful healing powers. Separated by just a wall from the sea, the water is fresh coming from an underground fresh water spring from Nilavari bottomless well that is over 10km away!
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Nallur Kandasamy Kovil
The premier place of Hindu worship in Jaffna. The original temple built in 1450-1467 was destroyed was reconstructed during the Dutch period during the 18th century. The most important festival in Jaffna is held here, where the representation of the deity, kept in the temple is placed on a chariot and taken in procession along the roads in Jaffna during August.
Time wasted at on Sri Lankan beach is time well spent!⠀
Just in case you need another compelling reason to add Sri Lanka to your travel list - Bloomberg lists this masterpiece as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World!⠀
Sri Lanka Tourism said in a statement that the Sigiriya Rock Fortress was listed as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, making Sri Lanka the only Asian country to make it onto the list along with six other iconic sites appealing to the new age traveller with a thirst for adventure. ⠀
Sigiriya is a fortress and ancient palace par excellence. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this 200m Rock Fortress is an elaborately planned royal township complex with the ruins of a magnificent palace on top.⠀
Did you know that Sri Lanka has the highest known leopard density in the world?⠀
Yala and Wilpattu – two of Sri Lanka’s National Parks whose varied terrain support a diverse array of wildlife including the iconic leopard. ⠀
An elephant’s trunk contains about 100,000 different muscles! ⠀
Witness the largest Asian Elephant gathering known to exist on the planet in Sri Lanka. At the end of the dry season, over 300 elephants from different herds that come from all over the Northern Central Province of Sri Lanka, travelling together as one with just a single goal in mind – water.⠀
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Sri Lanka is the Natural World at its best. ⠀

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