Sri Lanka’s Hidden Gem

Anaradhapura in the North East across to the soft sands in the East. We’ve journeyed through the jungles and sat atop majestic hills.¬†Hidden in the depths of what was the LTTE (Tamil Tiger) stronghold is a hidden gem adjacent to an undiscovered National Park – Gal Oya. Complete immersion is the only menu item here.

With no coverage here, be prepared for the stunning landscapes to take your breathe away and exclusive jeep and boat safari’s will take you into realms beyond your imagination.

Kandyan Mansion Sri Lanka

Historic Kandyan Mansion

In Anaradahapura, one of our favourite mansions stands in 58 acres of stunning grounds and paddy fields. We woke up to families of Grey Langur monkeys playing outside our villas.

Captivating Trincomalee

Find the softest sand on the East coast in Trincomalee. With a majority Tamil population, we were absorbed by the beautiful ancient Hindu celebrations.

Uga Bay Sri Lanka

Avoid West Coast Monsoons

Tucked away in the bay of Passikuda is Uga Bay. A stunning boutique with service that cannot be beaten. The General Manager and his staff and their hospitality knows no bounds. You will not want to leave.